Saturday nights are movie nights at our home.Last Saturday night the neighbors came over and tonights selection consisted of All The Presidents Men. After the movie was over one of the neighbors stated ” I am not a crook” immediately following that statement another neighbor stated “watergate.” We all agreed. The next day I thought about what was said as I lived through this trumultuous time.

Richard M Nixon ended the controversial Vietnam war in 1973. Nixon also established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), opened up diplomatic relations with China and Russia. Signed the salt one treaty with the Soviet Union. Nixon also presided over the Arab oil embargo in 1973 due to the US supplying Israel military aid during the Yom Kipper war. Tricky Dick also took the USA off of the gold standard and the us dollar has dropped in value every year for the last 4 decades.

When the white house Nixon tapes were released in 1999 Nixon was heard world wide stating “JEWS ARE DISLOYAL” ‘YOU CAN’T TRUST THE BASTARDS.”

Richard Milhous Nixon died in 1994 with four living presidents at his funeral (Clinton,Ford, Carter and Reagan) However despite all of his deeds forty (40) years later all the public remembers about tricky Dick Nixon is Watergate and “I am not a crook.” After Nixon decided to resign rather than be impeached Nixon remains a damaged brand in America’s psyche 4 decades after his death.
America does not even associate the rise in the cost of oil, or the fall in the value of the us dollar with Nixons tenure in office Both of these items effect every American every day 40
years later.

The Anschutz Medical Campus blog  will now respond to  angry emails and complaints which were received concerning the death of michael jackson and   focus the nations attention Using direct navigation technology towards another high profile individual and his related assets. Philip Anschutz.

1.The Anschutz Medical Campus displays its disgrace on the national stage of a complete lack of failed comprehensive infrastructure planning, new born baby falling on the floor immediately after delivery and the University of Colorado  Anschutz Medical Campus who for years allowed five (5) dentists to practice medicine without a license on the unsuspecting public with one teenage patient ending up at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio (a competing medical clinic  to manage her pain.) The Anschutz Medical Campus is named after entrepreneur Philip Anschutz ranked #39 on Forbes 400 richest individuals with a net worth that fluctuates around seven (7) billion dollars.

2.Although the Anschutz brand encompass many companies Anschutz is best remembered in the publics mind as Quest Communications founder who took Quest public in 1997 and netted two (2) billion dollars while the public shares in Quest collapsed leaving the public shareholders with billions of dollars in losses and the blue Quest sign on a high rise building in downtown Denver.Quest provides communications service to 14 western states and was recently sold for over 20 billion dollars to Centurylink.

In 2002 Fortune magazine named Philip Anschutz the country “greediest executive” at the top list of corporations who profited and sold public shares as their companies collapsed.

3.Another high profile  Anschutz brand the worldwide public constantly interacts with is Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG).one of the worlds leading entertainment companies. AEG owns and operates over 100 venues around the world  AEG is now legally associated with the tragic death of Michael Jackson . AEG is named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson the mother of Michael Jackson.
AEG had over 100 hours of Michael Jackson film footage of preparation and rehearsals for the 50 sold out anschutz AEG operated O2 London concerts. AEG sold the distribution rights that were filmed at the Anschutz owned Staples Center to Columbia pictures for approxmately 60 million dollars.

The Jackson family did not support the film and AEG was criticized as fans boycotted the film
however This Is IT is the highest grossing concert movie and documentary in  the history of
cinema. The canceled 50 London shows had received record breaking ticket sales with demand exceeding ticket availability.

The “king of pop”is best remembered for Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad albums with Thriller the best selling album of all time.The song Billy Jean was televised nationally throughout America with michael’s unbelievable unique dancing style wearing a black hat and white glove.

Although Dr. Conrad Murray has been convicted in the criminal trial for involuntary manslaughter the civil trial is scheduled to proceed in 2013 with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG).Many of the criminal areas were barred by the judge will proceed in the civil trial. Investigating Michael Jackson finances and years of drug related problems. It is the Jackson’s family belief AEG bore primary responsibility and much more involvement with Dr. Murray being a minor player. “Larger forces involved in Michael Jackson death” states Brian Panish the Jackson attorney. AEG is a heartless bottom line driven company and contributed to Michael Jackson death.

Dr. Conrad Murray requested a CPR machine and a second nurse neither which were approved by AEG. Dr Murray was to be paid 150k a month by AEG however the contract was not signed before the death of Michael Jackson and remains a subject of controversy.

Lloyd’s of London went to court and refuses to pay 17.5 million dollars insurance policy stating Michael Jackson and (AEG) Anschutz Entertainment Group failed to disclose information about jackson medical history, drug use and there was no medical exam performed before the policy was issued. AEG recently withdrew its claim for the insurance policy.

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) stated if the tour was called off there would be lawsuits and Michael Jackson’s career would be over. AEG advanced money against future concert earnings to cover michaels lifestyle and AEG had the right to seize michaels assets if michael failed to perform creating pressure on Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray to perform.

Michael Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guiness world records. Michael Jackson died in June 2009 with a heavy hearts and a global outpouring of grief as one (1) billion people watched the memorial service. Google and Twitter both crashed with the news of the death. AEG hosted a Michael Jackson memorial service at the Anschutz owned Staples Center.

AEG is now  associated in the world wide publics hearts and minds with the negative images of Michael Jackson’s death, upcoming civil trial ,and the”THIS IS IT” concert being the last concert seen by the worldwide public filmed at the Anschutz owned Staples Center in Los Angeles. Recently emails were released showing that AEG was fully aware of the deterioring condition of Michael Jackson.

Additionally the  burgeoning Anschutz Medical Campus now casts a large negative image on University of Colorado, Aurora, Colorado and throughout the entire rocky mountain region. With the primary philanthropic donor billionaire Philip Anschutz wholly owned Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) now the national legal focus in the tragic death of world famous Michael Jackson.

With hundreds of thousands of patients visiting the Anschutz Medical Campus annually, 30,000 university of Colorado students enrolled, and the University of Colorado school of medicine research  absent from the top 30 ranking by Us news and world report in the country the University of Colorado foundation can anticipate possible future philanthropic donors to be curtailed or even   “beat it”   as no large corporation, foundation, public company or wealthy influential donor will want to be associated with the controversial death of the most successful entertainer of all time pending an upcoming civil trial and probable appeals which may last for years and feel “donors regret” on possible future financial donations,gifts or pledges to the Anschutz Medical Campus. Especially with the 5 million dollar tax exemption ending in 2012. (unless congress takes action in an election year.)

As with the late president Nixon 40 years later, the public at large only remembers the negative images even though the us dollar is now worth less than dime (.10) and the public now pays $4.00 for a gallon of gas president nixon is remembered by “I am not a crook” and Watergate.

And the final  legal disposition, concerning tricky dick Nixon was never convicted on watergate charges (pardoned by president ford) for any wrongdoing and Michael Jackson was never convicted on child molestation charges…so an Anschutz (AEG) conviction may not be necessary to curtail all University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus future financial pledges,gifts and philanthropic donations.

Disclaimer: All information and facts are believed to be true but not guaranteed.This article reflects the opinion of the anschutz medical campus blog and is not associated with the anschutz medical campus, university of colorado or AEG


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